We offer support to refugees who want to set up their own business.

Start-Up Your Future is a pilot project implemented by the Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland (WJD), funded by the  Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. It aims to help refugees in Berlin-Brandenburg to set up their own businesses. To give them support and to show them that self-employment can be a good option, mentoring partnerships are formed with so-called Gründerpaten. Gründerpaten are volunteers. They are entrepreneurs, people interested in start-ups, employees in management positions or Wirtschaftsjunioren. They can give guidance to the refugee and want to share their business network and entrepreneurial spirit!

By setting up mentoring partnerships with Gründerpaten, who are local entrepreneurs, we want to make it easier for refugees to set up their own businesses, by:

  • offering one-to-one support, sharing ideas and experience.
  • helping them develop the personal qualities necessary for a business founder.
  • giving them access to business networks.

In addition to this, we offer training so that the refugees can develop their business and intercultural skills. They can also make use of the strong business networks provided by the Wirtschaftsjunioren.

Wirtschaftsjunioren – these are more than 10,000 entrepreneurs and managers, all under the age of 40. They form the biggest network of young businesses in Germany. The Wirtschaftsjunioren are all committed to their own professions – but they also want to make a difference by doing voluntary work. The Start-Up Your Future project came about through the high level of commitment shown by the Wirtschaftsjunioren.

Start-Up Your Future!
We aim to reach out to refugees who want to take responsibility for their own future – by setting up their own business. And we can offer help through the Gründerpaten who will give them support along the road to getting their business established. As young entrepreneurs, the Wirtschaftsjunioren understand the key issues involved in setting up a business. They are happy to share this knowledge.

Do you want to set up a business in Berlin-Brandenburg or become a Gründerpaten? Get in touch with us!