Would you like to set up your own business?

Is German bureaucracy putting you off?

Do you already have a business idea?

Do you still have lots of questions about setting up a business in Germany?

Can you already speak German or English?

At least up to level B1 (German) or B2 (English)?

The project.

“Start-Up Your Future” is a pilot project of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland (WJD), funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

It aims to help refugees in Berlin-Brandenburg set up their own businesses. To give them support and show them that this can be a good option, mentoring partnerships are formed with Gründerpaten.

Conditions for joining.

“Start-Up Your Future” will provide you with a Gründerpaten to give you support. These are volunteers who will help you set up a business in Germany – from the business idea through to the actual start-up. To join this project, you need to fulfil the following conditions:

  • Courage.
    You have the courage to start up on your own and you have a business idea.
  • You live here.
    You live in Berlin or Brandenburg.
  • Status.
    You have recognised refugee status, or you are an asylum seeker with good prospects for being allowed to stay.
  • Language.
    Your German is level B1 and/or your English is level B2.

What we can do for you.

First of all, we hold interviews, with you and with potential Gründerpaten. Then we try to match you up with the right person. We try to match your interests and needs with those of the Gründerpaten to the best possible extent. You will be given a Mentor Kit with an advice booklet and our code of practice for the mentoring partnership. We can also offer you intercultural training and a start-up planning game.

Your options.

With “Start-Up Your Future”, you can choose from the following programme options, and complete these together with your Gründerpaten:

  • Work shadowing (2 weeks, 2 meetings with your Gründerpaten)
    Get to know German business culture.
  • Mentoring partnership (4 months, 8 meetings with your Gründerpaten, around 5 hours/week)
    Work on your business idea with your Gründerpaten in a series of meetings.
  • Team and tandem start-ups (6 months, 24 meetings with your Gründerpaten)
    set up a business together with a Gründerpaten.
  • Business takeover (4 months, 16 meetings with your Gründerpaten)
    Find out all about a business and prepare to take over the business with the help of your Gründerpaten.

Start a business – we’ll show you how!

Send an e-Mail to startupyourfuture@wjd.de with your phone number, the programme option you are interested in and your availability. Our project team will get in touch with you to arrange a personal interview. If you meet the conditions, then we will start the matching process to find you a Gründerpaten. More information on joining the project can be found in our Q&A.

Benefits for you.

Successful mentoring pairs may be chosen for our Best-Practice Gallery in the coming weeks and months – if all those involved are in agreement. You will also benefit from the Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland’s wide business network, with more than 10,000 members across the whole of Germany!

“My goal is to set up an international business – with a lot of hard work and the wonderful support of my Gründerpaten!”

Abdoulhamid Kouko, participant in “Start-Up Your Future”

“My Gründerpaten has a lot of business experience and is very wise – he gives me support and opens doors for me.“

Beslan Kabartay, participant in “Start-Up Your Future”